Architecture Studio

Study and Design

Inside Ecosmorzo operates the design studio Statuti e Tramontano Architetti Associati, which follows the client from design to construction.

The studio uses Ecosmorzo Impresa for the realization of the works, with the exclusive use of natural materials and plants for the production of energy from renewable sources.


Our experts in bio-architecture and natural building materials can provide you with the answer.

Ecosmorzo was born to deal with sustainable architecture with low environmental impact, through internal and external design services, with work supervision.
Our architects specialized in the bio-sustainable building sector have created a centre for the diffusion of natural products and building technologies with low environmental impact.
For this reason, they are able to provide bioconsulting in the Roman territory: the bio-architecture studio aims to be a reference point for designers, companies and clients sensitive to environmental issues.

Even our clients who want safe building materials and energy saving methods can find, through bioconsultations, concrete answers to the desire to live healthier homes.
We provide information on non-polluting materials and products, green building methods and the most innovative energy-saving technologies.

Not just a building

The building is considered not only as a container composed of parts, but as an entity that breathes and lives, in which man lives in relation to space and its elements.