Who We Are

EcoSmorzo, located in Rome, specialises in bioarchitecture and the supply of natural building materials.

The philosophy that distinguishes our work is based on the use of products and materials that cause minimal harm to workers' health and avoid polluting the surrounding natural environment.

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In order to guarantee a professional service that exceeds your expectations, we offer estimates for architecture and natural restructuring work. We also provide expert advice on the supply of natural material for the building industry.


We provide estimates for the construction of photovoltaic, solar thermal and geothermal systems. Simply send us a photo and the data on the surface available for the plant to verify its feasibility.


We plan for you Among the numerous services of EcoSmorzo, we specialise in the design and construction of sustainable and biocompatible impact architecture.

'by Giorgia Perra - Anima Mundi Cooperative

The trip to the capital continues ... Have you ever expected an example of 'good economy' in the center of Rome?

In 2004, Ecosmorzo was born on the initiative of two young architects, an all-female srl operating in the construction field with the aim of spreading green building and the use of environmentally friendly products that do not harm health and do not pollute the environment. Often the chemical materials used in construction release poisonous substances that carry allergies, headaches and respiratory ailments, Ecosmorzo sells and uses in its business only products free of these substances and absolutely safe both in the use and disposal phase.

However, the diffusion of the use of environmentally friendly products in the building industry is rather difficult as it requires training and familiarity with these materials to obtain the right result. This is why Ecosmorzo trains companies and small construction companies to use these products in order to introduce them into their daily activities. Thanks to this initiative, there are already several companies on the Roman territory proposing the use of these low-polluting materials; in the long run these products will thus become common use and make our homes more sustainable!

The products on sale in the Via Zara point are carefully selected through visits to the production plants and component analysis. For wall products, Ecosmorzo relies on Spring Color, a company from the Marche region that I will tell you about in a few weeks!
In line with its objective of environmental sustainability, Ecosmorzo also participates in the Zero Impact project of LifeGate, compensating the CO2 produced by its business with the reforestation of 3,000 square meters of tropical forest in Costa Rica.

A sustainability center in the center of Rome!'

Ecosmorzo was born with the desire to create sustainable communities, healthier housing models integrated with the environment.

We promote the SUSTAINABLE CITY model - measured use of natural resources, energy savings and maximum recycling of organic and inorganic waste.

We move away from the CONSUMERABLE CITY model - Increased use of natural resources, energy savings and maximum production of materials and waste.

For this reason, Ecosmorzo hosts the design studio Statuti e Tramontano Architetti Associati, specialized in sustainable architecture with low environmental impact.
The architects offer interior and exterior design services with work supervision, always oriented towards an idea of sustainable architecture.
The firm follows the client from the design to the realization of the work, using Ecosmorzo Impresa for the realization of the works, through the exclusive use of certified natural materials and plants for the production of energy from renewable sources.
In addition, to improve sound and thermal insulation, Ecosmorzo offers an assistance service to companies in the restructuring sector.
A team that creates healthy housing: not a simple building or the renovation of an apartment: every building structure is not a container made up of parts but an entity that breathes and lives, in which man lives in relation to space and its elements.

We are active throughout the city of Rome and the Lazio region, based in the Nomentana - Corso Trieste area.
We supply natural building materials especially in the districts of North Rome, Montesacro, Piazza Bologna, Salario Trieste, Parioli, Talents, the African Quarter and Rome Centre.

Among our services, there are also safety projects on construction sites, energy certifications, executive projects, home planning, stacking and administrative building practices in the territory of Rome and Lazio.